Direct customers to your tip jar with interesting signage

Walk-in shops of all kinds have turned to "tip jar voting" as an ingenious way to promote donations at the counter. Because these strategies often stem from the personality of a business, every store should look for the POP signs that make the most sense for them.

What exactly is tip jar voting? It's a simple way to divide the tip section so that customers "vote" for different options with their spare change. This catches the consumer's attention and gets them more involved in the business. Stores put signs in front of the tipping area to give people in line a choice, although both options will ultimately result in gains for the company.

In a piece for Marketplace from 2013, Lee Mazur of Manhattan's Ritz Coffee describes the way his store used this approach to great effect. While he says that these divided jars don't necessarily guarantee more tips, he notes that they do make a fun and memorable atmosphere.

"Every day we change what each jar says, so it's usually a choice between two different things," he said. "For example, today the choice was between coffee and sleep. When you make your tip, you choose by placing a dollar and voting for coffee or sleep, whichever you prefer."

Using this is an inspiration, companies don't have to go through a new sign for their tip jar every day. Instead, they can hold a longer "contest" to see which option gets the most attention, and maybe tie into a larger marketing initiative.

With custom made signs, businesses have the freedom to define their values and promote customer interest their way, all throughout their store, from the front door to the register.