Drumming up excitement with strategic store signage

Before the grand opening of a store even begins, window graphics can attract attention to the site of an up-and-coming business. Doing so in advance shows an attention to detail among a company and can also help develop an audience gradually, rather than relying everyone to show up on the first big day ready to buy. The decals don't have to be overly complex to work, especially for vast windows where every new addition stands out.

MLive reported on a possible example of this strategy in Flint, Michigan, where a building under construction was beginning to show literal signs of an incoming business as of June 15. The source features a photo of the storefront windows for the future Ground Floor Market, which was seen blank except for a hung "CLOSED" sign and a special decal announcing the store's name. This image featured background graphics as well as the stylized logo of the store.

Another article from the same source shows the Market, a coffee shop and cafe, in action during its soft opening. The owner of the building where the store is based, John Hagerman, reportedly has big ambitions for it to become a popular local fixture.

Promoting the brand identity of a business begins before the first transaction is made, and the right graphic decals can play a role in this. Although this particular example involves a logo with a fairly standard shape, custom screen printing services will let businesses get possible customers interested with precision cut figures.

Even monochrome decals or those with little coloring have to be expertly manufactured for durability and protection against the elements as long as they are in place. Consulting a professional designer will let businesses plan farther ahead than they may have otherwise.