Follow McDonald’s’ footsteps: Combine product displays with free samples

Free samples are a powerful way to entice customers, whether it's food, beauty products or something else entirely. Nothing sends a message like a giveaway, especially for a business just starting out. Special POP advertising stands are useful in presenting these displays for new customers and getting them interested as soon as they walk into the store.

Writing for Forbes, Stan Phelps recently examined the allure of free samples using McDonald's as an example. The fast food chain has launched a campaign where it gives away free small coffees to visitors this year. Not only does this give people more reason to come to a brick and mortar store, it defines the company's attitude toward customer service.

Phelps says that businesses should take this even further and give "something extra" to customers through various forms of free bonus content.

"There may not be a more cost effective way for brands to drive purchase intent and conversion than sampling," he writes. He goes on to ask "why does sampling just have to be about luring in the prospect? Why can't you leverage current customers with an additional 'little extra' to increase satisfaction, drive retention and promote word of mouth[?]"

It's not just stores that should use sampling to their advantage. Food trucks also have the opportunity to give things away for special events. The Los Angeles Times has reported that a Nutella truck in the LA area is giving out free samples and baked goods.

Look into the POP signs that will go along with either one-time or ongoing handout promotions.