No matter what language you use, make sure your store signs are accurate

The location of your brick and mortar store obviously determines the language you should use on your signs. It's important that when trying to reach out to another demographic by using their language, your business does its research, finds the right words and renders them in a way that makes them easy to read.

UK-based supermarket chain ASDA recently faced something of a gaffe involving incorrect language on its signs. The BBC reports that the company had a sign in front of a location in Wales replaced because one of the words was in Scottish Gaelic, and not the Welsh that natives would have been familiar with.

The simple white and green sign was designed to show an arrow and the word "Parking" next to it. The correct Welsh word would have been "Parcio," but the sign said "Parcadh" instead. Fortunately for the company, the mistake was discovered and plans have been made to replace it.

Though the response from ASDA was reportedly short, ("Thanks to the eagle-eyed shopper who spotted the mistake. New signs will be in place shortly.") The company is no doubt grateful to have been informed of the error. This sort of mistake could be crucial to customers that only speak Welsh.

Another thing to keep in mind when designing multilingual POP signs is to include other hints as to the sign's meaning. This parking sign also has small graphics indicating that it is handicap-friendly: Companies should use similar images to get past the language barrier.

Use custom made signs that will be tailor-made for your location in this manner to add specificity to your business and help develop brand loyalty.