Placing graphics on the floor

Businesses don't have to rely on standard display areas alone, such as walls and windows, to get viewer attention. One spot inside where vinyl graphics could still have a strong effect is on the floor. When it comes to a large, simple message or a directional indicator that helps guide visitors, floor graphics are convenient because they can be placed directly near a certain area.

The same variety of colors and shapes that apply to wall graphics could also be used on the ground, since floors often feature dark or neutral colors and make for a solid, contrasting background. 3M, the company we turn to for our vinyl products, features a couple of examples of successful floor graphics on its website. An arrow-shaped image points supermarket visitors down an aisle, while a large rectangle announces a sale at a car dealership.

In both cases, solid construction and proper design enhances these pieces' effectiveness. The material these graphics are made of needs to be durable enough to withstand customers walking over them, especially in highly-trafficked areas of the store. The piece also has to fit closely to the floor and seal smoothly without any wrinkles or rumples, so whatever message is being conveyed is fully understood.

Guaranteeing the floor graphic maintains the perfect shape and clarity requires some maintenance and preparation. The 3M piece advises the use of floor wax on top of the graphic for a more seamless look once it has been applied. Even with this, the graphics can still be easily peeled off of the floor when they've finished their use, which means these pieces could be especially good for seasonal or temporary promotions, where the message has a very specific meaning.

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