Point of Purchase

Whenever customers enter a business, whether a retailer or restaurant, they are welcomed with subtle but unique marketing displays. From the beginning of the visit, guests see custom made banners and decals. It helps reinforce the company's brand and create a lasting impression.

At the end of the customer's visit, an organization has the opportunity to reiterate their brand at the point-of-sale. Here, staffers can answer outstanding questions or invite guests to join loyalty programs before leaving. Make it easy for the customer by placing point-of-sale displays at the storefront or kiosk.

Pressure Sensitive Products can build a point-of-sale campaign that represents brand awareness. Our variety of products makes it easy to create an effective marketing strategy.

Floor decals

These vinyl signs have strong conversion rates because people don't expect to come across images on the floor. The novelty alone will make an impression on your customers. Your company can start a trend with these floor decals. Businesses have the opportunity to promote a message, event or sale without losing out on other valuable advertising room.

Floor decals can be made in many sizes and colors. Be sure that surfaces are flat and clean prior to installation.

Wall graphics

Often times, businesses have so much wall space, they may not know what to do with all of it. Adding a personalized, but tasteful,  personal touch can be tricky at first. A custom vinyl wall graphic can be made in any size, creating a large amount of brand awareness when customers enter the establishment.

Companies can make a wall graphic that wraps around windows and doors, or stands alone in the open space. What was once a blank canvas can be replaced by an eye-catching graphic.

Counter cards

It doesn't get more direct than a counter card at the point-of-sale. Customers are at the register or host desk and they are greeted with this vibrant piece of marketing. The card could be advertising an exclusive offer or additional information. Organizations that want to make the most out of their counter cards need to utilize graphics and fonts exclusive to the brand. Customers always take the time to read a counter card because it tends to be at their eye level.