Signs can launch slogans with real staying power

When creating POP advertising, businesses should focus on designing a piece they'll be willing to see time and time again. Not only that, the signs and banners they use to promote this campaign in store need to give visitors something strong and specific to latch on to. Even if the repetition of a slogan becomes tiresome, it's a signal that the business has made an impact.

Forbes recently dissected an example of this by looking at a famous campaign from MasterCard. In 1997, the company aired the first ad spot to feature its "Priceless," slogan, listing the cost of several items and concluding with one that is so good it can't be measured. The commercial ran the risk of being cheesy, but it soon spawned many sequels, parodies, and special celebrity versions over the years, many of which can still be seen on YouTube.

Now it seems this familiar slogan is serving as a launchpad for a new advertising strategy, according to MasterCard's CMO Raja Rajamannar. He told the source that the campaign is going strong even as he looks to change it.

"When I joined MasterCard, I thought it's time to transform 'Priceless' from an advertising platform to a more comprehensive marketing platform, focusing on experiences, and not just celebrating moments in people's lives," he said. He adds that "the key for a long running campaign is a simple, universal truth, adaptability and a healthy dose of intuition."

The company is currently trying something different with a "Priceless Surprises" campaign which features celebrities showing up unexpectedly for fans (and MasterCard customers).

The more POP signs a business makes, the greater chance they have of introducing their slogan to the wider public.