Tech window displays give devices a chance to shine

Maximizing the prominent space at the front of your store could help create memorable displays that show off their products and make shoppers want to stop and browse. Tech businesses in particular can use this area as a way to promote devices and maybe even show them in action to a passing consumer base. Not surprisingly, Apple gives us a good example of this.

The London Apple store on Regent Street, in particular, has grabbed attention with a seemingly "automatic" window setup for its iPads. Video taken from outside the store shows several different iPads standing up in colorful cases. One by one, each case opens and closes on its own, although as Adam Oram writes for Today's iPhone, it's likely to be more "'magnets' than 'magic.'"

"The new display will no doubt catch the eye of passing shoppers and, in the process, show of Apple's newest tablet, some of the amazing apps that can run on the device and a $39 add-on accessory," Oram adds.

While this is clearly the main attraction of the exhibit, it helps that the glass window also says "iPad" in a clear, distinctive font right over where the devices are sitting, as the video shows. Framing a window display correctly and directing onlookers to specific things helps make a promotion more effective. Furthermore, because Apple shoppers are likely to have mobile devices with them already, they are ready to record this display and share the video with others.

Even when you are using your window to promote something inside the store, window graphics are useful in labeling the display correctly or keeping the brand name and image prominent. Come up with custom designs this way and make the front of your brick-and-mortar locations more effective in the process.