What kind of Halloween signs are you using?

As we enter the closing months of the year, there are many opportunities for companies to use holiday-themed vinyl signs. This means more than just hanging up orange and black decorations with spooky lettering: Your POP locations could be joined by special pop-up themed stores, and you'll need to be festive while remaining distinctive. Custom signs for the season help to get your business in the spirit without losing your brand identity.

The Commercial Observer recently featured a story about these special seasonal stores that usually sell Halloween costumes and other related goods. They are recognizable establishments that can temporarily change the character of a retail block or strip mall.

Brendan Gotch, a retail space expert in Greenwich Village, told the source about the impact that these stores have and how they generate enough interest for people to flock to a new location.

"The Halloween pop-up craze is the first, but I can only imagine, not the last of seasonal pop-up waves," he said. "It's surprising to me that we don't see more holiday season pop-ups than we already do.  It's an interesting, exciting trend."

Another use for custom signs around this time is promoting any holiday specials your company is sponsoring. Your signage should convey recognizable Halloween themes while being an obvious representation of the store. Some of the most common elements are dark colors and fanciful images like spiders, jack-o-lanterns, witches and other macabre things.

There's a fine line your business needs to walk between the generic and the specific, and only affordable custom made signs will truly get the best of both of those qualities.