Render a contest-winning logo design in a professional way

Sometimes, organizations of all kinds will hold contests looking for submissions from customers and fans for a new logo. This is an exciting and useful promotional tool, but when it comes time to implement the actual winning entry into regular use, the brand could face problems. Professional custom screen printing experts will make signs that fit each customer's request, no matter where the original image came from.

The Government of Canada is responding to criticism of a logo that obtained via a contest, as the Ottawa Citizen reported. The winning entry has reportedly offended some because it came from a a graphic design student rather than someone more established within the industry, and is intended to represent the country during its 150th anniversary

According to the government's official website, this design is going to appear on all merchandise related to the anniversary, and depicts a multi-colored maple leaf made up of nine triangles and four diamonds. Each one is meant to represent a different province or territory in Canada.

A design can be submitted by a "fan" and still worthy of using, although there will likely need to be some alterations made for all of the different media a logo has to appear on. Large banners may add a texture that isn't present when a logo is printed on a more stationery form of signage, such as an aluminum sign or a decal for a main storefront window.

Pressure Sensitive Products uses several factors during the initial planning process to translate a desired image into a full-fledged sign for a long-term promotional campaign. Read our FAQ to learn more about how to submit an image to us and get a job started.