Banners and Signs

Coordinating your in-store signs with local directional ones

If visitors to your store are following signs to get there, your fabric banners might be designed to emphasize the connection.

Drug company pays fine for false advertising

One too-good-to-be-true ad campaign has landed a pharmaceutical company in trouble.

Less can be more with point of sale signs

Perhaps a more streamlined approach to  signage might be more conducive to purchases.

Questionable sign provokes dispute with firearms vendor

One firearms business in North Carolina has provoked some protest for a sign it uses to advertise its wares.

Is Ikea pioneering as it thinks outside the billboard?

Ikea has been playing with color and composition to surprise viewers with its ads.

Spelling error stays on billboard for months

One business recently had to contend with an embarrassing mistake on a major billboard.

ESPN and SEC prepare for premiere of television network

ESPN kicked off the launch of their latest sister channel, the SEC Network, with 14 commercials and custom print displays. 

Orange County debates the use of restaurant rating decals or vinyl signs

Orange County, California residents may come across a new health food inspection decal later this year.

San Diego International Airport rejects PETA’s ‘anti-SeaWorld’ print display

The San Diego International Airport may be facing a legal battle with PETA for allegedly violating the First Amendment by not accepting a custom print display. 

How does the Sochi Olympics logo compare with its predecessors?

The 22nd Winter Olympics may be behind us, but how did Sochi’s custom print display compare to previous host cities?