Banners and Signs

Upscale holiday displays hit New York City

Famous New York stores are creating holiday displays to catch shopper attention.

Welsh Starbucks signs found to contain errors

A Starbucks location in Wales has had difficulties with its sign displays.

New brands use classic marketing techniques

Modern tech companies can still benefit from traditional forms of advertising like posters and banners.

Pizza Hut attempts a brand image makeover

Pizza Hut has officially launched a bold new rebranding campaign.

Get visual with flashy in-store window displays

Window displays can use new graphics and actual items for sale simultaneously.

Echo your logo in unique sign supplements

Use vinyl signs to set the tone for other marketing campaigns later.

‘Teal pumpkin’ project takes new spin on Halloween imagery

One initiative is using teal-colored pumpkins to try and raise awareness of food allergies this Halloween.

New Jersey implements upbeat signage

The city of Newark, NJ, is launching a campaign to put positive-themed signs on its streets.

The value of trade show banners

When your company attends a trade show, one of its chief goals is attracting customers to its exhibit.

Security symbols send specific message

A security company needs to pay special attention to the design of its logos.